About ZingGrid

The genesis of ZingGrid came from insights learned from one of our products, ZingChart. Over the years of improving and adding features, we began to notice that visual charts often needed great, supplemental data grids. We also noticed that people did a lot of "CRUD"-y programming (Create, Read, Update, Delete) against them, which tended to be messy and verbose. Things could definitely be improved.

We were pretty excited about the potential of Web Components and felt this would let the user skip a lot of the boilerplate and create grids easily; it already had support in a few modern browsers with the others pledging support in the near future. The choice was clear.

Fast-forward 3+ years and the journey has been a bumpy one. Many pitfalls with Shadow DOM, Custom Elements, and polyfills were encountered. Despite all the hiccups, we are able to deliver on our original goals: ease of use via custom DOM elements and out-of-the-box CRUD capability. ZingGrid is built with forward-thinking, not back - ES6, Web Components, PWA-aware, mobile-aware, and native interfaces are everywhere. If you know the DOM, you already know how to use ZingGrid.

About ZingSoft

ZingGrid's parent company, ZingSoft, is lead by Thomas Powell, noted JavaScript author, web-development professional, and professor in the Computer Science and Engineering department at the University of California, San Diego. Initially formed as ZingChart, Inc. after being incubated within San Diego's oldest web consultancy (PINT.com), the company was renamed to ZingSoft in 2018 to reflect its increasing product line. ZingSoft is as an independent California corporation headquartered in San Diego. The bulk of the team is in San Diego, but we also have team members in northern California, Romania, and India.


ZingSoft is always looking for skilled Web-development and design professionals, both at the main San Diego office and remotely. We offer competitive compensation packages, stimulating and inclusive work environments, and open-ended career growth. If you are interested in joining the Zing Team, email .

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ZingSoft is a US-based company and a California C Corporation.
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