Slots are placeholders inside of a component that allows you to insert your own markup.

All Slots
Name Member of Description Demo
ZingGrid Grid content or configuration that accepts `` elements that are allowed to be manually inserted.
ZGText Text value.
ZGSource Source content.
ZGPager Pager content. If used with the other pager slot, the content is placed beneath the other slots.
ZGNoData No data content.
ZGMenuItem Menu item content.
ZGMenu Menu content. Overwrites default menu when `[replace]` is present, else appends to the end of the default menu. Accepts ZGMenuGroup, ZGMenuItem, and ZGSeparator to construct custom menu.
ZGLoadMask Loading mask content.
ZGInput Content after input field.
ZGHeader header content.
ZGFooter Footer content.
ZGDialog Dialog body content.
ZGData Data content that only accepts data configuration options (ZGParams).
ZGColumn Custom column content.
ZGColgroup Colgroup content that only accepts columns (ZGColumns).
ZGCheckbox Checkbox label.
ZGCard Card content.
ZGCaption Caption title.
ZGButton Button content.
center ZGPager Pager content placed in the center.
icon ZGIcon Icon content.
icon ZGButton Button icon. Replaces the default slot.
input ZGInput Content before input field.
label ZGButton Button label. Use to add a label when using the "icon" slot.
left ZGPager Pager content placed in the left.
message ZGCaption Caption title. Use when using a feature that enables caption toolbar ([contextMenu], [search], [staticMenu]).
right ZGPager Pager content placed in the right.
tool ZGCaption Caption toolbar, which is added to the rightmost of caption by default.
zgMenuGroupItems ZGMenuGroup Menu group items that only accepts menu items (ZGMenuItems).
zgMenuGroupLabel ZGMenuGroup Menu group label.

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