After you buy a license, you should receive an email from our Sales department containing the license keys associating to the domains registered to the license.

If you didn't receive any keys, log into your Studio account. Under the subscription page, register your domains to the license. If you are still having trouble, feel free to contact our Support team.

License Keys

The license key needs to be included in your site. If you are explicitly adding the ZingGrid script, make sure to include your license after the script like so,

<script src=""></script>
  ZingGrid.LICENSE = ['LICENSE_KEY_1', 'LICENSE_KEY_2', 'LICENSE_KEY_3', ...];

It is best to set the license key the earlier you can after the library script.

There are three ways the license key can be set:

  • ZingGrid Object Property

Best for static content.

  • ZingGrid Object Method
ZingGrid.setLicense(['LICENSE_KEY_1', 'LICENSE_KEY_2', 'LICENSE_KEY_3', ...]);

Best for frameworks or dynamic content.

  • API Method
let zgRef = document.querySelector('zing-grid');
zgRef.setLicense(['LICENSE_KEY_1', 'LICENSE_KEY_2', 'LICENSE_KEY_3', ...]);

Build Codes

Set your build code in one of three ways:

  1. ZingGrid Object Property
  1. ZingGrid Object Method
let zgRef = document.querySelector('zing-grid');
ZingGrid.setBuildCode(['BUILD_CODE_1', 'BUILD_CODE_ID']);
  1. API Method
let zgRef = document.querySelector('zing-grid');
zgRef.setBuildCode = (['BUILD_CODE_1', 'BUILD_CODE_ID']);

[guides: licensing]