The <zg-menu-group> tag is a web component group wrapper for multiple menu items found in the context menu. ZingGrid dynamically creates this element to hold various <zg-menu-item> tags together for organizational purposes. As it is a visual element, it can be styled via CSS.

Image of the DOM relationship for the zg-menu-group web component tag

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There are no attributes available for the <zg-menu-group> web component.

CSS Variables

There are no CSS variables available for the <zg-menu-group> web component.

CSS Selector

<zg-menu-group> can be styled with common CSS variables using the zg-menu-group selector, like so:

zg-menu-group {
  background: red;


<zg-menu-group> contains placeholders to allow adding markup inside the component.

<zg-menu-group><span slot="zgMenuGroupLabel">Slotted Content</span></zg-menu-group>

Below is a list of all the associated ZGMenuGroup slots. Check out the full list of slots.

ZGMenuGroup Slots
zgMenuGroupItemsMenu group items that only accepts menu items (ZGMenuItems).
zgMenuGroupLabelMenu group label.

[api: <zg-menu-group>]