ZingGrid has a basic, built-in source (citation) element that wraps the source text in <cite role="any">.

## Basic Usage

To add a source/citation to your grid, you can use the <zg-source> element or add a source attribute to the <zing-grid> tag with the text of the source as its value (see below).

<zg-source><small>Source:</small> Wikipedia, World Bank</zg-source>
<!-- or -->
<zing-grid source="Wikipedia, World Bank"></zing-grid>

Note: Use the <zg-source> element instead of the attribute if you want to add inner HTML. For example: <zg-source><small>Source:<small> Citation Here</zg-source>.

Sourced Grid

Here is a complete grid with the source of the data displayed at the bottom of the grid:


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