ZingGrid Overview

What is ZingGrid?

ZingGrid is a JavaScript library for rendering grids and data tables. Our primary focus is on fast, responsive, and customizable grids utilizing ES6 and native web components. Our goal is to solve the problem of creating a CRUD grid in under five minutes. With an appropriate REST endpoint, this is easily achievable.


Why Web Components?

Web components are native, which means they are free of external dependencies. Once Edge supports Custom Elements natively (announced active development), there will be no need for polyfills! You will use natural markup elements instead of large JavaScript objects to define your grid. The library is completely reactive to attribute changes, and you apply your own CSS styling and events just like you would with native HTML elements.

Web components lets you write less code when implementing, and offers a declarative interface in HTML instead of being completely controlled and executed via JavaScript. They are also standardized and codified via a web specification, so other applications and frameworks should know what to expect, natively.


Main Features

  • Standard grid functionality including sort, filter, search, and custom cell content
  • User experience by design - most grid features can be added as an attribute or corresponding markup element in seconds
  • Mobile friendly layout views
  • Remote data support. Is your data in an external source like a database? No problem - ZingGrid reads remote data, like Firebase or Cloud Firestore; it just needs a public endpoint.
  • Robust data support. If it is an array or object, we can probably handle it. We support: arrays of arrays, arrays of objects, objects of objects, and nested objects.
  • Easily create themes for grids through native CSS selectors (Light DOM) or CSS variables (Shadow DOM)
  • Lifecycle events and custom events let you fully customize and integrate into your technology
  • CRUD actions
  • Server rendering
  • Server paging
  • Server sort

For an exhaustive list, visit the Features page.


Awesome, Now What?

Hopefully we've piqued your interest. You should take a couple minutes and try it out yourself with our getting started guide! It's really easy to get up and running.

If you have questions or don't see what you need, contact us! We have a friendly staff who is ready to point you in the right direction.