CSS Shadow Parts

All CSS Shadow Parts
actionThe container for the status action area
batch-messageContainer for the batch editing status message.
bodyDialog body.
body-content-wrapperDialog content wrapper that wraps around editor labels and inputs.
body-errorDialog error message that appears top of dialog body.
bottomThe bottom edge of the focus
captionCaption container
card-actionContainer for the card action controls.
cell - The headcell container
cell-innerThe content container
centerThe container for the center content of the pager
closeThe tooltip close icon
closeThe container for the close icon
close-iconThe close icon
control-bar - Controlbar container.
dialogDialog mask or overlay.
editor-row - Editorrow container.
filterFilter container.
filter-wrapperWrapper for the filter field
focusFocus container
footerDialog footer consisting of footer buttons (cancel and confirm).
footer-cancelDialog footer cancel button.
footer-confirmDialog footer confirm button.
formDialog form consisting of header, body, and footer.
groupThe container for the menu group
headerDialog header consisting of header label and close button.
header-closeDialog header close button.
header-labelDialog header label.
inputThe container for the search input field
inputThe input field wrapper
inputsContainer for the input fields
itemsThe container for the menu group items
labelThe container for the menu group label
layoutContainer for the layout controls.
leftThe container for the left content of the pager
leftThe left edge of the focus
maskThe container for the selection mask
menuThe container for the menu
messageThe container for the status message
pagerThe container for the entire pager
pager-innerThe inner container for the pager
rightThe container for the right content of the pager
rightThe right edge of the focus
row-actionContainer for the row action controls.
searchThe container for the search
selectThe container for selection
select-innerThe inner container for selection
selector-maskThe container for the selector mask
sourceThe container for the source
statusThe container for the status
statusThe container for the no data status message
textThe status text
textThe text container
titleThe title container
toolbarThe toolbar container
topThe top edge of the focus

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