Frozen Columns

Columns can be frozen, or fixed, to either the left or right edge of your grid. This allows you to horizontally scroll the grid, excluding the frozen columns, such that the columns are always visible in the same position.

Setting Frozen Columns

Frozen columns can be set by setting a numeric value n to the <zing-grid> attributes frozen-columns-left and/or frozen-columns-right. This will automatically freeze the first n to the left of the grid, or the final n columns to the right of the grid.

Frozen columns can also be set by adding the frozen attribute to the <zg-column> The frozen attribute can be set to one of two values: left or right. It will default to left if no value is given.


Dragging Frozen Columns

If draggable columns are turned on AND frozen columns already exist, you can drag columns in and out of the frozen range. Once there are no more frozen columns, you cannot drag into the frozen range.


Context Menu

If context menu is turned on, you can freeze/unfreeze a column from the right click menu


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